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We had a great experience with Raffiani's Automatic Sprinklers. We had called to get an estimate and met John that same weeknight (yes he accommodates late hours certain days). John seems to have a lot of knowledge under his belt about sprinklers and took a lot of time to explain how everything works.He wasn't one of those pushy about selling us more stuff rather tried to get the best coverage with the least amount of wasted water. His prices were fairly reasonable compared to some of the other estimates we were getting and we were interested in the climate logic product which uses a combination of a rain sensor as well as weather reports to predict how much water is needed. This was important to us since we have water restrictions in our area and were only allowed 2 days for watering.

Come installation day they were on time (6am in the morning!), finished up the installation in a couple of hours and cleaned up afterwards.  Its been a couple of months now and my lawn has never looked better(with the exception of some weeds)!I was happy with his service and will be dealing with them again come this winter for winterizing.